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Fowler, Indiana

A2 Dance Fusion offers classes in Fowler, Indiana at the Fowler Theater:

111 E 5th St, Fowler, IN 47944

Phone: 765-715-7085



Summer 6-week session begins June 10 and concludes with an outdoor recital on July 27. Summer tuition is $84 for the session plus a $35 registration fee that includes a T-shirt for the recital. There is is no additional recital fee.

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Dance Fusion 

Dance Fusion combines elements from ballet, jazz, and contemporary into an energetic and fun class that teaches students the fundamentals of technique, flexibility, musicality, and body awareness. A typical class begins with a warm-up and stretch, followed by barre, across the floor combinations, and a routine in center. Emphasis is placed on building strength, alignment, and flexibility while building confidence, self-esteem, and teamwork. 

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