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Join our All-Star Dance Team this Summer

CallOut/Info Session May 11 at 1:00PM

Location: Frankfort Studio 554 W Walnut Street
Ballet performance

Introducing Fusion Dance Team

A2 Dance Center’s All-Star Dance Team 

Open to ages 6-13

Thank you for your interest in Indiana Fusion All Stars. Our season begins June 2024 and runs through a performance at Walt Disney World Resort in March 2025. Depending on age/interest, our older dancers may compete in the All-Star UDA Championship during our time at Disney. 

Team Description

Indiana Fusion Dance Team will consist of skilled dancers who meet all team requirements. They will perform at local school games and community events and will focus on choreography in jazz, pom, and hip-hop. They will meet 1 time a week over summer and 2 days per week throughout the school year to prepare for performances, and will take part in a choreography camps. The team will also have the opportunity to learn from guest instructors and choreographers.

Time Commitment

Fusion All-Stars is a full season commitment. Team members rehearse one day per week during the months of June and July, and twice per week throughout the school year. Additional choreography camps may be scheduled before performances. The team will perform at community events, schools, studio recitals and the (optional) Disney World performance. 


Team dancers will receive weekly training in ballet, acro, flexibility, and technique alongside their choreography. Rehearsals are designed to build well-rounded dancers. Unlike many competitive teams, we do not require dancers to enroll in additional technique classes on top of the team commitment and cost. This training is included under team membership. Our program focuses on training, choreography, mindset tools, and camaraderie. 

Disney World Performance

The 24-25 season will conclude with a performance at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This is an optional team trip for families. Dancers will perform on stage at Disney and participate in a workshop taught by a professional Disney dancer. A parent or chaperone must attend the trip with the dancer. 

Financial Commitment 

Team members are responsible for the cost of participation; however, fundraisers can drastically reduce these costs. We have a multitude of fundraising opportunity ideas that you can participate in to raise funds for your dancer.


Fusion Team Fee: $1,570 ($210 deposit due in June, $136 due monthly June-March)


*Disney performance is an optional trip/expense separate from the team fee. This will be announced and managed through 42nd Street Tours, packages range from $1500-$1800 per person.

What does the team fee include? 

The team fee covers coaching, technique instruction, facility, choreography, shoes for each routine style, team jacket, team clothing, costume 


Are there hidden fees? 

No, while many programs require additional classes or charge additional fees for costumes or choreography, we charge an all-inclusive rate that covers these expenses in one monthly fee AND provide fundraising options for you. 

What is an All-Star Dance Team?

All Star Dance is an exciting and dynamic form of dance that encompasses a wide range of styles, performances, and sometimes, competitions. It is a unique program that focuses on building stamina, speed, muscle, flexibility, and poise, while also teaching valuable life skills.


All Star Dance offers dancers the opportunity to participate in a variety of performances, allowing them to become well-trained and well-rounded dancers. Dancers often participate in a variety of different dance styles such as contemporary/lyrical, hip hop, jazz, pom, and kick. 


Team routines in All Star Dance incorporate technical elements and skills specific to each dance style. They emphasize musicality, uniformity, synchronization, complexity, and athleticism. 

Why Dance Team: A Message from Our Owner

I wanted to take a moment to share with you why I'm so passionate about having an All Star Dance Team at our studio. You see, my passion for dance team led me to become one of the first dance team coaches to receive a master's degree in coaching. It was an incredible journey that allowed me to dive deep into the psychology, physiology, and development of youth in sports.


What's fascinating is that while the principles of coaching youth in other sports are well-known, the unique nature of dance adds an extra layer of complexity. Dance involves not only physicality but also creativity, artistry, and emotional expression. My education has equipped me with a deeper understanding of how to nurture and guide dancers on their journey.


I've been coaching dance teams for over 15 years, and let me tell you, it's been an amazing journey. Dance team isn't just about dancing; it's about so much more. It's taught me discipline, work ethic, and the importance of teamwork. I still remember my very first job interview, where they asked me if I could handle a strict boss and a challenging position. And you know what? My immediate thought was, "Of course! My coaches prepared me for this." Dance team had given me the tools to confidently face any challenge that comes my way.


But the real magic happens when I see the impact dance team has on the dancers themselves. I've had former dancers reach out to me, thanking me for preparing them for life. One former dancer even told me that she made it through basic training in the military by pretending she was at dance camp. Can you believe that? Dance team prepared her for the toughest of challenges.


It’s not just about the technical aspects of dance. It's about helping our dancers grow as individuals, building their self-confidence, and fostering a positive team culture. Through my studies, I have learned valuable strategies for developing leadership skills, promoting resilience, and creating a supportive and inclusive environment.


That's why I chose to have an All Star Dance Team at our studio. It's not just about the dancing; it's about personal growth, character development, and building connections that last a lifetime. Joining an All Star Dance Team will not only elevate your dancing skills but also equip you with life skills that will benefit you in so many ways.


Thank you for being a part of our dance community! 


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