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Class Descriptions

Dance Fusion

Discover the perfect starter class, Dance Fusion, where ballet and jazz dance combine for a fun and engaging learning experience. Develop your dance fundamentals while exploring the elegance of ballet and the dynamic moves of jazz. Dancers will learn the basics of dance technique while exploring different styles of dance. 


This class is perfect for those who want to explore the exciting world of flips, tricks, and aerials. Students will work to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination as they work through progressions such as handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, and more. Acro/tumbling classes learn a shortened recital routine.

Pom Dance

In Pom Dance, students learn the dynamic and synchronized movements that define this popular dance style. Get ready to grab your pom-poms and bring the spirit as you explore the world of cheerleading-inspired choreography. In this class, dancers learn the fundamentals of pom dance, including sharp arm movements, precise footwork, jumps, and formations. Students develop coordination, musicality, and stage presence while having a blast with fellow dancers. Students who sign up for this class will use studio-owned poms, but we also have some for sale in our lobby if students want their own. 

Future Offerings

All-Star Dance Team

Ballet I

Baton Twirling 

Mixed Abilities 

Jazz Dance 

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